Dual Color Fragrance Warmer
Dual Color Fragrance Warmer
Dual Color Fragrance Warmer
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Dual Color Fragrance Warmer

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Fill your home with your favorite fragrances using these simple and effective fragrance warmers! dolomite warmer has holes for light and for placing the candle which is what warms the wax and releases the fragrance. There is an indented bowl feature on the top to hold wax. The bottom portion of the fragrance warmer is light beige and, a quarter of the way up the warmer, the color becomes a speckled white. Simple but Perfect gift for anyone. 

Colors: Beige, White
Material: Dolomite
Weight: 8.17 oz

Length: 3.375 in.
Width: 3.375 in.
Height: 3.875 in.
Diameter: 3.375 in.

**Tealight and wax not included